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Adjustable gastric banding is a "restrictive" operation, meaning that it works by limiting food intake but does not interfere with normal digestion. In this procedure, the band is wrapped around the upper part of the stomach, squeezing the stomach like an hour glass. 
The two parts of the stomach remain connected through a narrowing created by the band. The band is attached to tubing which is attached to a small port that lies underneath the skin and fat. The port is not visible but can be felt with deep palpation.
By accessing the port with a fine needle, saline or (salt water) can be inserted into the balloon narrowing the opening between the stomach pouch and larger part of the stomach. The band thus restricts the amount of food you can consume at a single meal and keeps the food in the small pouch allowing digestion to occur slowly as food passes through the opening into the larger part of the stomach. The Lap-Band depends on a patient's commitment to regular and consistent follow up to be effective.
Lap-Band Risks at 1-2% are slippage, erosion, stoma obstruction, gastric pouch dilatation, access port problems, infection, and band removal due to complications, intolerance or inadequate weight loss.

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The benefits of Bariatric Surgery are impressive. The difference between this and simple diet and exercise is that Bariatric Surgery has long term success. Patients are able to lose the weight but more importantly keep it off. Because of this, we see dramatic improvement in related health conditions.


All surgical procedures carry a certain degree of risk. Keep in mind that the risks must always be compared to the benefits obtained from weight loss and the improvement in health problems related to obesity.

% Co-Morbidities Resolved

In addition, many other conditions such as arthritis, skin infections, asthma, infertility and lymphedema can be improved. There is an improvement in the ability to participate in physical and recreational activities. The majority of patients notice improved social and economic opportunities. Patients who may have suffered from depression or anxiety notice an improved sense of well being.

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