The benefits of Bariatric Surgery are impressive. The difference between this and simple diet and exercise is that Bariatric Surgery has long term success. Patients are able to lose the weight but more importantly keep it off. Because of this, we see dramatic improvement in related health conditions.


All surgical procedures carry a certain degree of risk. Keep in mind that the risks must always be compared to the benefits obtained from weight loss and the improvement in health problems related to obesity.

% Co-Morbidities Resolved

In addition, many other conditions such as arthritis, skin infections, asthma, infertility and lymphedema can be improved. There is an improvement in the ability to participate in physical and recreational activities. The majority of patients notice improved social and economic opportunities. Patients who may have suffered from depression or anxiety notice an improved sense of well being.



Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

1. Schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Vaimakis

During your appointment, you will meet privately with Dr. Vaimakis. She will discuss and review your medical history and any previous attempts at dieting. You will have the opportunity to discuss which operation is best for you and then review the risks and benefits of that procedure. Dr. Vaimakis encourages family members or supportive friends to attend these meetings as, this is an important aspect of your success.

2. Meet with the Insurance Specialist

It has been our experience that dealing with insurance companies is a complicated process. Our insurance specialists have vast experience in this field and are knowledgeable in all aspects. They will handle this process for you in its entirety, from your initial visit to approval.

You will be fully informed whether you have coverage for Bariatric Surgery. All charges will be explained to you including but not limited to your deductible, copay, co-insurance or out of network out of pocket expenses, as well as what if any copay you may have for the testing and consultations that are necessary before your surgery. If you don't have insurance there are several payment plans and financing options available to you.

3. Meet with the Surgical Coordinator

You will meet with our surgical coordinators to discuss the necessary preoperative testing and consultations you may need. Dr. Vaimakis believes in making sure their patients are fully worked up and in the best possible condition to undergo surgery. There are a number of tests that all patients are required to undergo in addition to psychological and nutritional evaluations by our psychologist and nutritionist. We have made the process as simple as possible for you, and will provide you with a worksheet with phone numbers, locations, a space to keep track of your appointments as well as a timeline for when your tests are due. With many years of experience working with Bariatric surgery patients, our surgical coordinators can answer any questions you have and will make sure that your surgery date becomes a reality.

In order for your surgery to be successful you must also commit to the following:

  • Learn all you can about each procedure before making a decision.

  • Discuss your decision with your family and/or supportive friend(s).

  • Follow all instructions on preparing for surgery.

  • Attend a support group pre-operatively, and commit to attending them post-operatively.

  • Commit to improving your health by adhering to the diet and exercise programs prescribed both before and after surgery.